Simply better lessons​

Muse is a seriously-fun digital learning solution that makes lessons engaging and increases student performance. ​

Muse & Students

All children have an innate sense of wonder. All that is needed is a little spark to kindle the fire. With their seriously-fun digital lessons, Muse provides the spark that ignites kids’ passion for learning.

Muse & Teachers

Teachers are always looking for fun and engaging resources to deliver better lessons. Muse Lessons are just the resource teachers need! With hundreds of lessons to choose from, teachers are never short on options.

Muse & Schools

Schools need learning solutions that come with student performance measurement so they can help all students succeed. Muse Lessons come with a Schools Dashboard that lets school admins monitor performance of all students.

What makes Muse great

Comprehensive Digital Library

Over 1,000 digital lessons and practice exercises for primary-grade Math, Urdu, Science and English, offering teachers a vast array of resources.

Students Performance Tracking

Performance tracking of logged-in students provide better visibility of their progress and help address students’ learning needs.

Rigorously Reviewed Curriculum

Developed with technical support from our international partners, Muse lessons offer schools thoroughly reviewed content.

Muse For You

We recognize that one solution doesn’t fit all schools. With Muse, you choose the option that best suits your school.
Here’s how it works

Individual learning with Muse Tablets

Class learning on LED TVs using the Muse Smart Kit

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