Seriously fun

Muse is a digital learning solution that makes lessons engaging and increases student performance.

Comprehensive Digital Library

Over 1,000 digital lessons and practice exercises for primary-grade Math, Urdu, Science and English, offering teachers a vast array of resources

Content Made for Young Learners

Fun video lessons with lovable animated characters that keep students engaged

Interactive Exercises and Tests

Quick practice exercises and tests with each lesson to gain immediate feedback and assess what students have learned and where they need help

Support for Teachers

Teacher Training and suggested Lesson Plans provide the needed support and flexibility to teachers to run better lessons with Muse

STEM-inspired Lessons

Muse lessons designed with the STEM approach help strengthen Math and Science concepts in students

Building 21st Century Skills

Muse lessons and suggested activities empower the teachers to build 21st century skills in students with a focus on communication, creativity, critical thinking and collaboration.

Students Performance Tracking

Performance tracking of logged-in students provide better visibility of their progress and help address students’ learning needs

Assisted Reading for English Readers

The ‘Read with me’ and ‘Read to me’ features in English readers significantly improve reading and pronunciation skills

Offline Access

The ‘Download Lessons’ option allows teachers to save the entire lesson in local storage and run Muse even when there is no internet in the classroom

Rigorously Reviewed Curriculum

Developed with technical support from our international partners, schools can rest assured that Muse lessons offer thoroughly reviewed content.