Curiosity is natural

All children want to touch, feel and taste everything around them. We want to nurture this desire to learn.

What is Muse

A seriously-fun digital learning solution that makes lessons engaging and increases student performance.

Muse is SABAQ’s flagship product, created as a result of over 3 years of R&D and testing with over 35,000 students across Pakistan.

Why It Works

Children love playful animations. They love stories, songs and charming characters. Muse has all of that and more. As teachers incorporate Muse Lessons into their classes, children are more excited and engaged. Learning is fun and the lessons are simply better.

Why schools choose Muse

Schools choose Muse to position themselves as an innovative and progressive institution using 21st century learning resources.

How schools use it

Muse helps teachers deliver engaging lessons using Muse apps either on tablets or LED TVs, approximately twice per week. Schools have flexible options to subscribe to Muse apps.


SABAQ is an award-winning EdTech company on a mission to make learning seriously fun. We turn rigorous, curriculum-aligned primary-grade lessons into a fun and engaging digital world that ignites kids’ passion for learning. We believe that the right use of technology has the power to unlock the inner genius inside every child.

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